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Welcome to Mini Melters

As a small UK family run business, we take pride in every Melt we make. Each Wax Melt made here at Mini Melter’s is lovingly hand poured. They are all made using high quality fragrance oils and either Soy wax or a Parasoy blend.

A variety of Strong & Long Lasting Wax Melts that will leave your home smelling Amazing!!!

Beautiful Bath Bombs with Serious Fizz & Foam!

We have Gifts to suit most occassions.

Electric & Tealight Melters Avaliable

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What are Wax Melts?


Wax Melts are highly fragranced pieces of wax, that make your home smell amazing by simply popping a piece into your choice of burner and letting it warm up and melt.

They have become increasingly popular over the years as they are more cost effective compared to candles. Just one of our bars/pots will give you approximately 50+ hours of scent!

Everyone enjoys scents at different strengths, and Wax Melts puts you in control of this, by allowing you to add less or more. The more you add the stronger the scent.

There are two burner options when it comes to melting your wax.

A Standard Tealight Burner. These are usually ceramic or glass and heat the wax up from below with a tealight (never use higher than a 4hr burn tealight).


An Electric Burner. These are a safer flame free option. Great if you have young kids.

Unlike candles the wax will not melt away. Instead it will eventually lose its scent. This means it is time for a new Melt. Before adding the new melt, you need to remove the old one. You can do this by heating up the cool wax for a couple of minutes and then just sliding the wax out. Alternatively, if the wax has already melted just pop a couple of cotton wool pads/balls into the pool of wax and allow to soak up.